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4 Celebrities You Never Knew Beyonce Dated Before Jay Z




When it comes to Queen Bey’s personal life, we’re constantly left in the dark. With little to no media coverage around her love life, we’re always curious to know what goes on behind closed doors. What we’ve seen from various documentaries is that she’s drunk in love with her beau Jay-Z, but who did she have the hots for before they fell madly in love? Who is Beyonce Knowles dating? Who Beyonce Knowles dated; list of Beyonce Knowles loves, ex boyfriends; breakup rumors. If you’re wondering about Beyonce’s exes, find out here!


Rumored Ex: Sean Paul
Who is He? Singer
Dated In: 2002

Sean paul

Beyoncé is rumored to have briefly dated Sean Paul in 2002. The pair collaborated on the highly successful single “Baby Boy.” Sean Paul Francis Henriques (born 9 January 1973) is a Jamaican rapper, singer and record producer. His singles “Get Busy” and “Temperature” topped the charts in the United States, and most of his albums have been nominated for the Grammy’s Best Reggae Album, with Dutty Rock winning the award. Sean Paul has also been featured in many other singles including chart-toppers “Baby Boy” by Beyoncé, “What About Us” by The Saturdays, and “Rockabye” by Clean Bandit. …


Rumored Ex: Justin Timberlake
Who is He? Singer
Dated In: 1998

Justin timberlake

During the early days of Destiny’s Child, the girl group often crossed paths with fellow boy band, NSYNC at many entertainment events.
It was rumored that Justin and Queen Bey locked lips at one of the showbiz parties, but nothing further came of it. Justin was a young bachelor dating a handful of different women, and Bey was in a long-term relationship that was coming to the end of its tether.

Rumored Ex: Mos Def
Who is He? Rapper
Dated In: 2001


Queen Bey was also linked to hip-hop rapper, Mos Def in 2001, with rumors stating that the pair had a brief fling before she hooked up with her hubby Jay-Z. However, again, it was all a bit of gossip with nothing else validating the fact that the pair even dated.

Rumored Ex: Pharrell
Who is He? Singer & Producer
Dated In: 2002

Before hooking up with the love of her life, the popular celeb was also linked to Pharrell Williams. A source close to Bey revealed that they were both dating and very much in love with each other. That said, when Pharrell was questioned about their relationship status, he revealed that Beyoncé was actually dating his close friend and confirmed that their friendship was strictly professional. That friend was presumably Jay, but Pharrell stressed that he didn’t want to talk about her business. How loyal!

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