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5 Roger Federer Records That Will Never be Broken…….#2 is Mind Blowing



Roger Federer is a tennis legend, with a professional history spanning over 20 years. During all these seasons the Swiss Maestro won 103 titles, including 20 Grand Slams. There are, however, five other records that Roger holds, which, most likely, will not be equaled and surpassed in the future.




#5 Federer reached 36 consecutive quarterfinals in the Slams

From Wimbledon 2004 to the French Open 2013. This record was stopped in the second round at the All England Club 2013 after the defeat against Sergiy Stakhovsky.



#4 Roger Federer made 23 consecutive semifinals in the Majors

An even more impressive number compared to that of other champions, of his tennis era and previous eras. He reached consecutive semi-finals at the Majors from Wimbledon 2004 to the Roland Garros 2010





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#3 Roger Federer also holds the longest winning streak on a surface

Roger’s record for longest winning streak on a surface is unbreakable because it’s measured in years rather than months. For a five-year stretch from 2003-2008, he didn’t lose a single match on the surface he dominated the most. Over that span, he lost a total of only 16 sets and won all 65 matches.

When Roger does lose, he loses with style. The match that finally ended the streak was the longest Grand Slam final in history—the epic five-set loss to Rafael Nadal in the 2008 Wimbledon finals.

#2 Roger Federer won 5 consecutive titles in 2 different slams

Roger Federer triumphed five times in a row at Wimbledon and at the Us Open. Roger is the only player in history who has achieved this goal in two different Majors: at the Championships, from 2003 to 2007 and at Flushing Meadows, from 2004 to 2008.

#1 Most number of weeks spent at the World Number 1 position

Roger Federer also holds the record of being the only player in tennis history to spend 237 consecutive weeks as the world number 1, which covered a span of 4 years (February 2004 – August 2008).

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