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5 Times Serena Williams’ Daughter Olympia Got the Better of Her Father Alexis Ohanian





Tennis superstar Serena Williams’ daughter Olympia Ohanian is an internet sensation who boasts a fan following of over 600K followers on Instagram.



We take a look at five instances when Olympia got the better of her father, Alexis Ohanian.



When Olympia gave dad a lesson in Bitcoin





In a video, Olympia is having an ice cream and dad Alexis Ohanian is telling her about Bitcoin stocks surging. He amusingly asks her if she intends to sell her Bitcoins to which she swiftly nods her head in disagreement. The conversation continues and Olympia adds, “Not good, I don’t like it, I don’t want it.”

And while the banter continues, her father replies, “Papa likes it”.

When Alexis Ohanian’s podcast was crashed by Olympia
During another episode, Alexis is in the middle of a podcast which Olympia gatecrashes midway through, asking her dad what he’s doing.

Eventually, he asks her if she’d like to join. After granting her request, Alexis picks up a pair of headphones and places them on. The young toddler did a brilliant job and was repeating words her father had stated. It all went smooth and he even joked later that it was all done in one take.


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When Olympia Ohanian tried her hand at cooking
On New Year’s Eve, Olympia was seen making pancakes in her father’s presence. During the process, she was seen making a mess in the kitchen and her father was wondering at the amount of time that would be needed to clear and put things in order again.

When Alexis Ohanian got faked by his daughter
During the Australian Open this year, Serena Williams was accompanied by her family. On a day off, the family was traveling in a car and engaged in some playful acts. At one point, Alexis was seen asking Olympia for a high-five. As the Reddit co-founder raised his hand and proceeded towards his daughter, she was quick to pull her hand back and trolled him in the process.


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When Olympia reminded her dad to say grace
One fine evening, Alexis Ohanian and Olympia were having dinner. It so happened, the 3-year-old child reminded her parents to say a short prayer before they begin their meal. The 38-year-old was touched by his daughter’s gesture and revealed he did not do such things in his childhood but is happy to be doing them at this point in life.


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