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Aaron Judge Luxurious Car Collection



Aaron Judge Luxurious Car Collection

In 2017, Judge was unanimously named as the American League Rookie of the Year. That year, he placed second in voting for the American League Most Valuable Player Award. In 2022, he established the AL record for most home runs in a season with 62, shattering Roger Maris’ 61-year-old mark and won the AL Most Valuable Player Award. Aaron Judge is married to Samantha Bracksieck at the moment.



Aaron Judge signed a 9 year / $360,000,000 contract with the New York Yankees, including $360,000,000 guaranteed, and an annual average salary of $40,000,000. In 2023, Judge will earn a base salary of $40,000,000, while carrying a total salary of $40,000,000.

Audi S7

Aaron Judge Luxurious Car Collection

The Audi S7 is highly appealing, with its elegant style, high-quality interior, and strong engine. The S7 sits between between the A7 and the most powerful RS7. The strong 335-hp twin-turbocharged V6 engine inside distinguishes the Audi from the A7. While the RS7 has a more powerful V8, the middle model retains the finesse of the 4-cylinder engine while providing exhilarating performance comparable to the V8. The Audi S7, which shares much of its styling and interior with the A7, provides distinct delightful driving with a lot of agility. The S7 can go from 0 to 60 mph in less than 4.1 seconds.

BMW i8

Aaron Judge Luxurious Car Collection

BMW’s first plug-in hybrid sports vehicle was the i8. The i8’s design was so futuristic and cutting-edge that it grabbed headlines from the minute BMW unveiled it. There were no other automobiles on the market that appeared as new and enticing to the public. BMW praised the i8 for its innovative design and environmental friendliness. The i8 had a 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine with electric motors that produced 228 horsepower and 236 lb-ft of torque. The car’s aerodynamics are so superb that it has a drag coefficient of only 0.26.



Hennessey Venom F5

Aaron Judge Luxurious Car Collection

That $2.1 million worth of sports car that has the ability to go over 300 mph is Hennessey Venom F5. The twin-turbo V8 hyper-car is owned by only 24 fortunate people over the world. And reigning AL MVP Aaron Judge is one of those 24 proud owners.

Aaron Judge appears to never make a compromise when it comes to automobile purchases. As his career progresses and his net worth grows, the captain’s luxurious automobile collection will grow. Aside from a nice collection of luxury automobiles, Judge splurged on a $230,000 Rolex watch after signing his new deal with the Yankees.

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