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Andy Murray deleted Twitter and Instagram after watching Netflix documentary



Former world No. 1 Andy Murray revealed that watching Netflix documentary “The Social Dilemma” prompted him to delete his Twitter and Instagram. Murray, who has had a rough few months as many have been calling for him to retire,



recently deleted his accounts on Twitter and Instagram. But the messages he has been getting only weren’t the reason why the Scot decided to get away from the social media.





In The Social Dilemma documentary, former employees by leading social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram described how every step on the internet is being tracked.



“I don’t have Twitter on my phone and I deleted Instagram last week,” Murray said, as per The Telegraph. “Not because of that [the retirement comments]. You see those things on Instagram and social media if you’re on it, obviously, and if you have the app on your phone.



“But I’d watched a while ago that Social Dilemma movie. “I thought it was brilliant and then a couple of days after my match last week, I watched an interview with all the people that were responsible for making that and I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m done.’

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