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Andy Murray on childhood, success and the advice his daughter gave him



Sir Andy Murray’s glittering career has seen him reach the pinnacle of tennis, with three grand slam titles and an Olympic gold medal to boot. Here he talks about his childhood, success and his ambitions he derive from his daughter. It’s difficult to balance having four children and competing at the highest level.



There are tonnes and tonnes of positives though and I love being a dad and being around my kids.
When I lost at Wimbledon this year I got home and my daughter said, “Daddy, you’re home because you lost another tennis match.” And I said, yeah, I did lose. And she said, “When you lose something you should you try and try again.”





So yeah, I lost at Wimbledon, but then I spoke to my kid and she gave me the advice that I give to her when she’s upset. So that was nice. If I could go back to re-live any period of time it would be when I moved to Barcelona when I was 15. The two years I spent over there, I just absolutely loved it.

Not that I necessarily wanted to be away from my family but I always really enjoyed travelling and being away from home and having that freedom. In Barcelona I was doing what I’d always wanted to do as a kid, getting to play tennis, learn a new culture, make new friends, be outdoors in the sun almost the whole time. When it was time to come home I called my parents and said, please can I stay for another two weeks.





I’d been away for about three months and hadn’t seen my family or my friends, but I was just having such a great time.

Obviously as you get older, you have responsibilities and worries. But when I was 15 I had no pressures, not a care in the world about anything. I just wanted to stay there as long as I could.

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