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Chad Henne Reveals Patrick Mahomes’ Hilarious Secrets



Chad Henne Reveals Patrick Mahomes' Hilarious Secrets

Chad Henne, the recently departed Kansas City Chiefs backup quarterback, has been making the media rounds since announcing his retirement following the Chiefs’ Super Bowl LVII victory. Henne revealed “too much knowledge” about Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes on ESPN reporter Adam Schefter’s podcast.



“What do you get to see every day that we don’t get to see on Sunday,” Schefter asked. “The details, the superstitions each and every day,” Henne said. “The baseball background, so all these guys. . . I mean, he has to have a certain thing each and every day”.



“He comes in, he does his work. His notes are written out a certain way. Same pair of underwear, which probably not a lot of people know. On game day, he’s been wearing it since I’ve been a part of it. . .”



“There are things that I’ve seen that nobody else has seen. But his preparation is unbelievable and how he goes about it. He knows exactly how many plays are in each section on Andy Reid’s call sheet and if it’s off by one play, it’s going to be mentioned that week. He dives into it deeply and it’s fun to watch each and every day.”



Of course, Schefter was asked a follow-up question on the two-time Super Bowl MVP’s underwear habits. “Sunday. Only on Sundays. On Sunday, it’s the same pair. Obviously a different outfit, but yeah, ever since I’ve known him. It’ll be funny for us to go about it. He’s like, ‘Dude what are you doing checking out my underwear?’ But there are things that I’ve seen that nobody else has seen.”



Henne went on to describe exactly what they look like. “I mean, they’re red,” Henne said. “I don’t know if they’re Hanes or they’re lululemon. It’s one or two of those brands and yeah. Ever since he comes in the locker room and I’ll be stretching and glance up and it’s like, ‘Damn, kid’s wearing them again.’ This definitely has to be a superstition and a good luck charm for sure.”

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