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Chiefs’ OL Explains Why Mahomes’ Injury is a Good Thing in Disguise



Chiefs' OL Explains Why Mahomes' Injury is a Good Thing in Disguise

In the AFC Championship, the Cincinnati Bengals will meet the Kansas City Chiefs. This is a rematch from 2022, when Joe Burrow upset Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs 27-24. The looming shadow over the AFC Championship game is, of course, Patrick Mahomes’ injury against the Jacksonville Jaguars.



Mahomes sustained a high ankle sprain against the Jaguars, but he returned for the second half and promised to be ready for the AFC Championship game. It was a terrifying moment, and the NFL world was waiting to see what would happen with Patrick Mahomes’ injury. However, Kansas City Chiefs offensive lineman see this as a potential blessing in disguise.





Orlando Brown said, “When something like that happens, it forces us up front to play even harder to make sure he doesn’t get hit. That’s one thing about it—you get motivated to up your game even more.”



“We have a ton of grit instilled in us here, and we love the sport and love each other. I don’t know how to explain it, but we just want to rally behind 15. He’s the epitome of what our team is”.



Orlando Brown and his teammates will undoubtedly work harder to make up for Patrick Mahomes’ injury. The Kansas City Chiefs are 3-point favorites over the Cincinnati Bengals despite Patrick Mahomes’ injury.

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