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Comments about Becky Lynch may have led to the real-life heat between Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle.



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As noted earlier today, Seth Rollins was on the WWE Draft Watch Along on Friday night and he indicated that there was real-life heat with Matt Riddle.

Rollins said, “I’ve got no interest in facing Matt Riddle at any point in my career, so he can go to Raw as far as I’m concerned.”


The comments from Rollins don’t appear to be part of a storyline and there appears to be legit heat between them.

It’s not clear how all of this started but it may be from a post made by Riddle’s wife Lisa back in November. The now-deleted post included a photo of Becky Lynch and it said the following:


“calling out multiple Main Roster Divas over the past couple of weeks for being straight skinny jiggly fat (not saying they aren’t beautiful, just saying SQUAT). It’s funny because there have been multiple female wrestlers that have asked to train with me. Each one of them look great in their gear. Clearly they know what they are doing (especially if they want to train with yours truly ). ALL females freaking SQUAT and go HARD! I do not have many photos of my rear end in minimal clothing besides these two. Here is a comparison of me, not caring what I look like, just trying to be strong a decent Olympic Lifter, and a mom of 3 vs two females getting paid a TON of money for how they look. Rant over”

Furthermore, a fan on Twitter shared a story about a dinner at a steakhouse after last year’s Survivor Series and there appeared to be tension between both parties at the time.

Here is what the fan tweeted today:

“After last year’s survivor series, Riddle took me and our crew out to eat at the same steakhouse Seth, Becky, and Carl Anderson were dining at. They knew we were there but went out of their way to acknowledge us.


Throughout the entire weekend, Riddle talked sh*t about Rollins, and how he never evolved as a performer, how he didn’t take care of his opponents in the ring, how he was stale, etc. This wasn’t just one conversation, it was every time I saw Riddle that weekend.

So many of our conversations revolved around wrestlers, and people in general, Matt didn’t like or think highly of, or had a personal bone to pick with them. If we weren’t chatting wrestling, he was either bashing others or boasting about himself, often both at the same time.

That said… I can’t possibly see why Rollins — and Brock, and Goldberg, and just about everybody else who knows better — wants nothing to do with him in a professional or personal sense of the word.
Alas! Surely it is nothing.

Went out of their way NOT to acknowledge us.
It was a sh*t show. I thought something was going to go down.
Instead, it was nonstop talk about how Rollins stinks, how he’s awesome, and what it was like for Matt to have eaten the RKO.”


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