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Frank Clark Sends Warning to Teammates Ahead of SB LVII



Frank Clark Sends Warning to Teammates Ahead of SB LVII

On February 2, Kansas City Chiefs defensive end and team captain Frank Clark spoke to the media, and he was asked what the best approach to handle Super Bowl week from a player standpoint is, given that he’s been through it all before.



“Just keep doing the same thing you’ve been doing,” Clark responded right away. “Stay focused on the task. Just keep doing what you been doing, don’t change nothing, don’t switch up too much, don’t invite too many more people.



I know it’s the Super Bowl but just try your best to keep everything the same. At least, that’s what I’m doing,” Clark continued, emphasizing that the Chiefs’ coaching staff has been preparing them for this moment with the manner they’ve practiced all season.



The 29-year-old continued with some smart words for any potential Super Bowl teammates, and it almost sounded like a hidden warning from the veteran.

“With family especially, I think that’s kind of on us,” Clark told reporters. “That’s usually the bigger distraction — families, people pulling you left and right for events and different things — so I think it’s imperative that you focus on the task at hand, playing football”.



“We still have a goal. Everybody else may not understand that or they may be on party time — like the first Super Bowl, what I experienced, [you got family going out, you got friends going out, you got teammates that [aren’t] required to be in the hotel going out, so it can have you thinking like — ‘damn, I’m missing something.’ You not missing nothing. You’ll enjoy way, way more after the game when you win”.



According to Pro Football Reference, the defensive end has 58.5 sacks, 67 tackles for loss, and 131 quarterback hits in his regular season career (120 games). Clark has 13.5 sacks, 16 tackles for loss, and 20 QB hits in just 16 postseason games.

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