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“Happy birthday, Venus Ebony Starr Williams” Serena Wishes Her Sister.



The tennis great and big sis to Serena Williams, turns 41 today! Venus and Serena are the most famous and successful sister duo in tennis history. Between them, they have won 30 Grand Slam singles (seven by Venus, 23 by Serena).



The rlivalry between Serena and Venus Williams is also known as — The Williams sisters rivalry. Both Serena and Venus are counted as tennice aces.





Although they do not commemorate because of religious reasons,Serena does not hesitate to show her big sister love on this special day.





“There’s no way I would be at 23 without her,” Serena said of Venus. “There’s no way I’d be at one without her. She’s my inspiration. She’s the only reason I’m standing here today. She’s the only reason the Williams sisters exist. ” Serena said.

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