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Harrison Butker Shares Euphoria of Game Winning Kick



Harrison Butker Shares Euphoria of Game Winning Kick

Kansas City Chiefs’ game winning kick by Harrison Butker sent the Arrowhead stadium wild as it was obvious that the chiefs had secured another super bowl ticket. Harrison Butker has now revealed his emotions before, and after the kick.



“This is definitely the biggest kick of my career,” Butker said. “When you add up the adversity that I’ve gone through this season to then be able to bounce back and make that kick, make the game-winning kick to go to the Super Bowl, it’s definitely the biggest kick of my career”.



“I didn’t want to celebrate too early,” Butker said. “Normally, if it’s going down the middle or inside the two posts, I’ll turn around or celebrate, but that ball — I just didn’t know if it had the distance”.

Isiah Pacheco, a running back, claimed he located some teammates and they all held hands for Butker’s kick. “I couldn’t even watch it, bro,” Kansas City Chiefs safety Bryan Cook said. “I was nervous, but I closed my eyes and just prayed”.



“Nerve-racking,” defensive end Carlos Dunlap said. “I can’t think of a different storybook ending for our game than coming down to But, who’s had his adversity over the season”.

Mike Danna soaked in all of the drama: “I watched it. I’ve got to see it. It’s something that you never forget. It’s a moment — it’s a timeless moment, that’s what it is. So, we’re going back to the Super Bowl. We’re going to Arizona and we’ve got to handle business”.



“I’m glad we could come through,” Butker said. “(Holder) Tommy (Townsend) and (long snapper) James (Winchester) did a great job and the line did a great job blocking. We were able to make the kick and I’m glad the special teams was able to make that kick for us and get us to the Super Bowl.”

“The ball was just not flying far for me going that direction,” Butker said. “I don’t know for (Bengals kicker) Evan McPherson, but 55 was about my limit in the warmups going that direction.”



Butker stated that NFL kicking balls are inflated to 13 psi indoors before the game, but the pressure drops once the balls are carried outdoors on a day with single-digit wind chills, such as Sunday.

“The leather’s hard, but the ball is completely deflated,” Butker said. “I would love it if the balls got put at 13 at the outdoor temperature so you’re not hitting a flat ball. But thankfully it went through. … Thankfully, it had enough distance. I just made sure that I hit that line that I wanted to and it just stayed there.”

Some of Butker’s teammates never had a doubt. “The thing about Harrison is he puts in so much work and he’s truly a technician with his craft, so I went out with 100% confidence that he was going to make it,” Wylie said.

“I knew it was good before the ball was snapped. Butker’s so lights out. I’m pretty sure I was one of the first people to start celebrating. I looked back ready to celebrate and Butker was still watching it go in.”

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