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‘Hate when practice squad players talk like starters’: Kevin Durant slams Jay Richardson for ‘easy ring’ comments



Former NFL linebacker Jay Richardson reacts to Kevin Durant’s statement about his titles with the Warriors.

It has been 4 years since Kevin Durant joined the Warriors, but people still don’t stop talking about it. In his recent appearance on JJ Redick’s podcast, KD said that he earned the trophies with the Warriors.


This statement did not sit right with a lot of people, including former NFL player Jay Richardson.

The former linebacker showed his amusement at the statement in a very loud manner.



“These practice squad players talking like starters, I hate it”: Kevin Durant
KD did not take the harsh response from Jay Richardson kindly. He replied to Jay’s tweet with a strong tweet of his own, taking a dig at the linebacker’s success in the NFL.


Jay responded to the same with two different replies;
In the first one, he tries to explain his point of view:



While in the second one, Jay once again took a dig at Durant and made a reference to all the burner account jokes on KD. To this, Kevin paraphrased Drake and said he wanted to put Jay on live TV since he loves so much attention.


Once again, Jay took a dig at Kevin and asked him to leave the ‘quoting Drake’ for the school girls. Clearly, that did not sit well with Kevin Durant, who is a close friend of Drake, and was also seen on Drake’s music video “Laugh now Cry later”.

Jay Richardson has the last word in this twitter feud
Jay Richardson explains why he said what he said initially, and tries to end this online battle of words.


It has been 4 years since KD brought his talents to the Bay and he has been gone for over a year. However, people all over still make it a point to malign Kevin Durant’s decision of taking the easy way out.
Will Kevin Durant let this go or will he respond to Jay again?

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