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How Many Doubles Titles Have Venus and Serena Williams Won at the French Open?



When it comes to playing doubles, Venus and Serena Williams are surely two names that stick out in the minds of tennis fans. Even though the two are prolific athletes when they play singles, they are indestructible when they pair up together.



The two have been playing tennis together for more than three decades and surely understand the gameplay of each other. Venus and Serena Williams first won the French Open doubles title in 1999.





They both were teenagers back then as Serena was 17 while her elder sister, Venus Williams was just 18. Despite their ages, they defeated the defending champions Martina Hingis and Anna Kournikova in the finals in three sets. The final scoreline of the match was 6-3, 6(2)-7(7), 8-6.



Interestingly, the glory of the 1999 French Open title marked the beginning of the Williams’ era. It was their first-ever Grand Slam title as a pair and they went on to win many more titles together.


In their fabulous careers so far, Venus and Serena Williams have won the French Open doubles title twice. Venus has also won the French Open mixed doubles title in 1998 with Justin Gimelstob. Interestingly, the pair defeated Serena Williams and Luis Lobo in the finals, which is the highest Serena ever reached at the French Open in the mixed doubles category.

Individually, World No. 8 Serena has three French Open titles as of now. She last won it in 2015 when she defeated Lucie Safarova in the finals.

On the other hand, even though Venus is a 7-time Grand Slam champion, she hasn’t won the French Open singles title in her career so far. Intriguingly, she lost the French Open 2002 finals to her sister.

The two sisters have won 14 Grand Slams as a pair to date. They are still fit enough and can conquer even more. It’ll be fascinating to watch if they can pull off one more major as a pair before bidding goodbye to the sport.

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