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“I’m excited to see what Tokyo 2021 Olympics Will Be Like”, Roger Federer Distances Self From Retirement




At the age of 39, Federer is sitting out the rest of the 2020 season after knee surgery but looks set to return in 2021, even if tennis continues to be played behind closed doors.


The 20-time grand slam winner may elect to depart after one of his favourite tournaments and Edberg says the Swiss should make a sharp exit, rather than repeat his own mistake.

Many believe Federer wants to an add an elusive singles gold medal to his overflowing trophy cabinet and will prolong his career until the Tokyo Olympics – now in 2021. Whitaker, a co-host of the Tennis Podcast, described Edberg’s comments as a “little bit of a Federer bomb”.


“Stefan Edberg famously completed a farewell tour of the world to say goodbye before his retirement and that is something we’ve speculated Federer might emulate,” Whitaker said.

Roger Federer and Stefan Edberg

“If you’re on a farewell tour and you know that someone’s waiting backstage during all your matches with a cake or a plaque or something to honour your final time at that tournament, it takes on a different feel. It does take on a slightly exhibitionary, testimonial feel and I’m not sure that’s desirable.”


The Swiss Maestro won gold in doubles at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, but hasn’t been able to capture one in singles.

“Olympics are always special,” Federer said recently.

“I’m excited to see what Tokyo will be like and hope the Games can take place in 2021.

“Of course I want a medal there. No matter whether in singles, doubles or mixed.

“I’m not there yet. If you have been on the tour for 20 years, you are happy to have a quieter year.

“The right preparation starts about three months before the Games – you don’t think about it beforehand.”

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