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“I’m Verrrrrry Single”: Venus Williams Opens Up on Her Love Life After 1st Round Victory at Wimbledon Championships 2021



Venus Williams is one of the oldest players in the tennis fraternity. She turned pro in 1994, at the age of 14. Her longevity is something everyone is in awe of and would like to emulate. However, the American star played it differently in a recent interview.



Clearly, the six-time singles Grand Slam winner is fed up with questions regarding her longevity. In the interview, Venus asked Chris Evert to ask her something apart from this particular angle, which the reporter obliged to with a cheeky question.





Venus Williams and her humor makes the world a better place.

Williams has produced the most entertaining media interview, probably in the history of television. She kept Chrissie Evert on the brink with her subtle and witty replies. Apparently, Evert was having fun as well and played along with the American.



Venus Williams



Chrissie asked Venus about what keeps her going in tennis. The American once again had a funny response to this.
“The benefits are great. The insurance is great, which is good because I need an MRI every month,” said Venus during her interview. Venus Williams is still going strong with her game and shall be seen as an icon by all young players. It is no joke to start off your career as a 14-year-old and winning 23 Grand Slam titles, across all categories.

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