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Is Richard Williams’ Health Becoming a Huge Source of Concern?



Over the last two decades, Venus and Serena Williams have earned a huge name in the sport. They have won many laurels including several Grand Slams together and even in the singles category. However, none of it would be possible if their father, Richard Williams, didn’t back them in their childhoods.





Richard Williams has played a big role in the development of both Serena Williams and Venus Williams. However, his health condition is not that good at the moment as he recently suffered from brain damage and dementia following a stroke.



One of Richard Williams’ doctor claimed that he is totally incapacitated to conduct any business. He is 79-years-old at the moment and is going through a tough time in his life.



According to reports, Richard suffered two strokes in 2018. As a result, his condition became so critical that he could barely speak after that incident.



All the facts about his deteriorating situation came to limelight when the doctors told all this to the court. The 79-year-old is also fighting a divorce battle against his ex-wife. His close associate, Simon, is representing him in the court at the moment.

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