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Jalen Hurts Reveals why He Refused A Fully-Guaranteed Contract from Eagles



Jalen Hurts Reveals why He Refused A Fully-Guaranteed Contract from Eagles

Jalen Hurts addressed why he did not accept a full-time contract with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Although Jalen Hurts might have gotten the bag from the Philadelphia Eagles, certain things are evidently more important than cold, hard cash, baby!



Without a question, the Eagles’ breakthrough star quarterback was well compensated. The former second-round selection out of Oklahoma via Alabama signed a five-year, $225 million contract. While Hurts received $179.399 million in guaranteed pay, he did leave some money on the table. His explanation for why he chose not to take the $225 million fully guaranteed is remarkable.





Hurts stated that “it takes a village” to stay one of the top football teams, adding that “money is nice,” but “championships are better.”

Hurts definitely understands the broader picture despite playing with real superstars in college.

Why did Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback, Jalen Hurts decline a fully guaranteed contract?

Not to argue that getting your colleagues paid before yourself the good, old-fashioned Tom Brady method is the right way to do things, but good for you, buddy! By taking less, Eagles general manager Howie Roseman will be able to distribute some of the financial capital around to help sustain a winning product on the field. Hurts’ self-awareness is admirable.

He may be a dual-threat playmaker with exceptional leadership qualities, but he is not a thermostat. Hurts is more of a thermometer than anything else. He can tell you the temperature in the room, but he might not be able to change the entire dynamic of the space just by walking in. In short, he understands the need of having great talent around him in order to have sustained success in the NFL.



Jalen Hurts Reveals why He Refused A Fully-Guaranteed Contract from Eagles



Not getting everything he could may have helped the Eagles avoid the infamous Super Bowl hangover, and they are more likely to do so than the Kansas City Chiefs. It has nothing to do with the Eagles and everything to do with the Chiefs simply being the Chiefs. The goal is that Philadelphia builds on last year’s massive success, like the Cincinnati Bengals did following their loss. Perhaps the Chiefs will fat cat the Los Angeles Rams?



Philadelphia’s Super Bowl window is still open, but you have to understand what happens when you pay your best quarterback, who was originally on a rookie contract, significant money; it can’t go elsewhere. Hurts may be willing to share his larger slice of the pie, but the pie itself did not increase as much as he took from it. This is the continuous issue of a collision sport with a strict pay cap.

May the millions of dollars in non-guaranteed money Hurts gave up aid the Eagles in the long run.

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