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Jennifer Lopez’s Daughter Emme is Her Mini-me & Her Photos Are Adorable



Jennifer Lopez and Daughter


There is no bond like the one between a mom and her daughter. Jennifer Lopez and her little girl, Emme, share such a close relationship, and seeing them together really melts your heart. Jen welcomed her twins, Max and Emme, in 2008, and since then they have become the center of her world. Whenever they are brought up in conversation, her eyes fill with tears, and she is full of emotion just at the thought of the love she has for her babies. And who can blame her? They are the cutest.


The singer’s fans have been able to watch the twins grow up these past 11 years. They are now showing their own personalities, and Emme is already displaying so many qualities and traits that are just like her famous mamá.

Emme loves the spotlight, and she sure has the talent to back it up. She loves singing, dancing, and acting–like her triple-threat mom–and she just might follow in J.Lo’s footsteps when she gets older. Emme looks so much like her mom when Jen was a little girl, and although Emme has a lot of features from her dad, Marc Anthony, there is no denying that she is Jennifer’s little girl.


Time is passing so fast, and Jen has made sure to capture some adorable moments with her babies. Her pics with her daughter really are proof that Emme is for sure her mini-me. Scroll through to see some of the cutest pics of Emme and Jennifer that show these two are really carbon copies of each other.

They both took on the Super Bowl effortlessly

They both took on the Super Bowl effortlessly


The little one was not afraid to be part of the political statement that went down during the performance. She sang “Born in the USA” while her mom proudly showed off the Puerto Rican flag. She is only 11 years old, but she already knows to be proud of her roots and speak out for others.

Emme sang in front of thousands.

Emme sang in front of thousands.


She sang so effortlessly and so beautifully, and her voice didn’t shake–not once! She looked so comfortable and confident on the stage, just like her mamá.


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I love when Lulu visits me at rehearsals…. #rehearsalbelike ✨🤍 5 DAYS!!!!

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She knows it’s important to show up to rehearsals.
When J.Lo shared this photo prior to the Super Bowl, we simply thought her daughter was there to pay her a visit. Little did we know that Emme was there rehearsing just as hard as her mom.


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I love you ❤️ #familia

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Emme’s a total mama’s girl.
Emme and J.Lo are inseparable! The love between them is so adorable. You’re never too old to give your mom a big hug while sitting on her lap, right




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When you’re trying to take a pic and video is on… #preciousmoments #coconut

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Emme is ready for tour life.
Emme spent summer 2019 traveling all over the country with her mom and joined her onstage to perform “Limitless” in front of thousands of fans during her tour.


The moments they shared onstage were priceless.
“So many gifts this bday tour is bringing me… and this is one of my favorites…. sharing the stage and singing with my lil coconut,” J.Lo captioned this clip. “My heart is full…she is #limitless.”

Kids are only kids for a certain number of years, so it’s important for parents to embrace their silly side while they’re still young! Jen does that so well with her kids, and it makes their relationship look even sweeter.

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