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Lana Breaks Down in Tears While Discussing Her WWE Future



Lana has been thrown all over the place over the past few weeks on Raw. Things are not looking so good for her and Natalya and their Tag Team is yet to see better days ahead.



Fans have expressed concern for Lana over the past three Raw episodes. The Superstar has been sent through a table three times already and come Monday Night, she may see a fourth.


A lot of critics have blasted Vince McMahon for this. The consensus is that WWE is punishing Lana because of Miro. This could also be very likely since Lana is being visibly buried.

Nia Jax has been mercilessly dropping her onto commentary tables, and fans are furious over the way WWE is handling Lana’s talents.



Despite these beatdowns, Lana promised fans that she will not give up. In a recent video released on her YouTube Channel, the Superstar assured fans that she had a lot left in the tank and was going to rise back up again.



Lana refuses to give up despite AEW rumours
All eyes turn towards Miro who already seems to be making a big name for himself in AEW. At his debut in the rival promotion, Miro, formerly known as Rusev, took some not-so-veiled shots at WWE.


In retaliation, fans suspect that WWE is punishing his wife Lana. Many expected her to join AEW along with her husband, judging by the fact that there is no title picture planned out for her.


She refuses to give up in all this and keeps assuring fans that she will continue with WWE. This dedication cannot go unpunished. Lana’s ring work ethic is very good, and she is usually flawless in her moves.


Even though Lana and Natalya may be going nowhere, they both are willing to stick through it all. The commitment to their jobs here is astounding. The attitude of the two proves just how mentally tough they are.

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