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“My Ass is half my weight, can’t run properly” – Serena Williams



On Friday, Serena Williams set up a 30 minutes Questions and Answers session on Twitter. She called it “Serena Friday” and quite a few interesting and funny topics were discussed. Some questions were strictly related to Tennis: Questions



  • Are you currently training or taking some time off? A.Taking time off.
  • Q. Any more mix doubles in your career? A. I hope so. Q. How would you define a great coach? A. Honest. Loyal. Q. Do you think Genie Bouchard will have a great career? Oh yes. For sure!! I adore her. Others involved her private life: Q. If you didn’t take up tennis as a career, what else would you have wanted to do? A. Acting







  • Q. Are you enjoying your marriage? A. Yes, but my marriage to Alexis Ohanian isn’t “bliss,” unless we work for It. “Marriage is not bliss. But it can be if you work at it,” said the tennis superstar.
  • Q. Do you ever want to have more children. A. Desperately. My time will come. But, possibly.

The funniest moment was when Serena was asked if she was planning on running the New York Marathon next year, following Caroline Wozniacki`s brilliant performance a few years ago. Recently, the Dane closed in only 3 hours and 27 minutes.





Serena`s hilarious answer was: “My ass is too big to run a marathon.” However, considering that she won 10 of the last 13 matches, when forced to a third set, we doubt Serena would not be fit enough to compete with Caroline also on that field.

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