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Naomi Osaka and sister Mari team up to auction digital art





Naomi Osaka, the new Tennis superstar, is pushing the envelope on the court and off it too. Recently she got onto the non-fungible token (NFT) train. Naomi and Mari Osaka paired up to create a special NFT,



meant as a collectors item. Naomi’s older sister, Mari Osaka, who has been known to have a passion for artwork and drawing, drew five cards being auctioned, including one “open raffle” card for



“The Colors of Naomi Osaka” collection. Mari Osaka who was also a tennis player, retired this year at the young age of only twenty-five.





Naomi Osaka on Instagram, “As lovers, creators, and curators of art since we were young, Mari and I are very excited to formally enter the world of art through NFTs.

We wanted to do something a little bit different and more personal, so I asked my sister to create these pieces with me to offer something unique and special to fans and collectors from around the world.”

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