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“Never Thought I Would Love Being a Mom”: Serena Williams Opens Up About Her Journey as Mother



In a recent interview, Serena Williams talked about her journey so far as a mother. She revealed that she enjoyed every single moment of her motherhood with her daughter Olympia.



“My journey as a mother has been so fun,” began Serena. “You know, it’s just, it’s really just incredible being a mom. I love every moment of it.



My daughter is so fun. She’s just a joy to be around really and she’s like- you are my friend and I’m like yes but I’m your mom.”





Williams extensively described the relationship she has with her daughter. She mentioned that her daughter considers her as a friend and she too likes to have fun with her.



“Loving every single moment of it“- Serena Williams on her motherhood

Serena highlighted that she never thought that she would love being a mother one day. However, she stated that she is enjoying every single moment with her daughter and believes that it is actually really cool.

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