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NFL Twitter In Chaos Over Patrick Mahomes’ incredible heroics for KC Chiefs



Kansas City Star QB, Patrick Mahomes' Impressive Car Collection

At this point, we’ve run out of descriptors, adjectives, superlatives, and any other way to describe the work of Patrick Mahomes on the field of play. We’ve seen deep throws that look effortless and laser passes that thread the needle.



We’ve seen left-handed passes, underarm tosses, and several shovel variations. We’ve watched him set single-season records and career marks on a historic pace.



What else is there to say about Mahomes magic?

Kansas City Star QB, Patrick Mahomes' Impressive Car Collection



That’s the challenge before all of us when trying to accurately detail what happened on Sunday night when the Kansas City Chiefs played against the Buffalo Bills in what was one of the most exciting games in team history—perhaps even NFL history.

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That’s because Patrick Mahomes played as a man possessed on Sunday, and with the game on the line (at multiple times), he strapped the team on his back and carried them to the AFC Championship game.



Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes, Brittany Matthews & daughter, Sterling celebrate first Thanksgiving

Given the rollercoaster nature of the game and the thrilling performance of Mahomes in particular, it was no surprise to find Twitter on fire after the game with plenty of praise.

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