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“Open Those Doors, Mama”: Husband Alexis Ohanian Reacts to Serena Williams’ Design Crew Collaboration With Nike



Tennis queen Serena Williams sowed a seed with athletic wear giants Nike in 2019. Two years later, that seed, the Serena Williams Design Crew, has reaped abundantly. And like always, her husband Alexis Ohanian shared showered praise for her wife.





The primary goal of this initiative was to promote and encourage diversity in design. Chiefly, ten shortlisted apprenticeships under the Serena Williams Design Crew have come up with innovative designs in fashion.

Evidently, the program has passed with flying colors.





Above all, through the 39-year-old American tennis professional, ten apprentices got a lifetime opportunity. Indeed, they all lived up to their expectations.

Taking to Twitter, Front Office Sports shared Serena Williams posing in three of the ten designs.

Quote tweeting the original tweet, Ohanian commended his wife’s efforts to make spaces accessible for others.

He wrote, “Love to see it. Open those doors, mama.”



Notably, it is not the first time Serena has ventured into the fashion industry. She, herself, has her own fashion and even jewelry brands.

Apart from them, the four-time Olympics gold medallist also has a keen interest in supporting intelligent and unique start-ups. Through her capital firm Serena Ventures, she has funded more than 30+ such organizations.

What’s interesting is that one of her investments brought her up to a whopping $8 million in returns. Clearly, the American is not only a tennis icon in the world, but also a successful businesswoman.

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