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Patrick Mahomes Acknowledged as ‘The Best’ by Josh Allen



Patrick Mahomes Acknowledged as 'The Best' by Josh Allen

The Kansas City Chiefs, especially Patrick Mahomes, are now on the rise in the NFL after the quarterback won his second Super Bowl triumph. Even in a league brimming with top-tier quarterback talent, Mahomes — fresh off league MVP and Super Bowl MVP accolades — stands head and shoulders above the rest.



Patrick Mahomes is now garnering respect from those he’s defeated on his way to building an already Hall of Fame-worthy resume. Josh Allen in a recent interview, had so much to say about the league’s best quarterback.



“You look at him statistically and what he’s been able to do in his first four, five, six years in this league, you know, it’s kind of unmatched by anybody,” Bills quarterback Josh Allen said on “Kyle Brandt’s Basement” of Mahomes, via “They’re the mantra of what you want to be and how you need to do it”.



“Because, again they’re just constantly in the AFC Championship Game; he’s been in three Super Bowls now. Gotta find ways, it’s a copycat league, you gotta find ways to be like them”. Allen has direct experience with Mahomes’ skill, as the Bills were ousted from the playoffs by the Chiefs in both 2020 and 2021.



This year, however, there was no repeat between these two AFC quarterbacks since Cincinnati defeated Buffalo in the divisional stage with a dominating 27-10 victory. As Allen and the Bills go back to the drawing board to build a stronger club in 2023, Kansas City will be the clear yardstick by which they will be measured.

“To be the best, you’ve got to beat the best,” Allen said of Mahomes’s club. “We didn’t get that opportunity this year in the playoffs. Or we didn’t take advantage of our opportunities, I guess you could say”.



To his credit, Allen has developed into an MVP-caliber quarterback and has helped lead Buffalo to the playoffs in each of the last four seasons. However, Allen and the Bills have struggled to break through like the Chiefs have in recent seasons and are still seeking for a Super Bowl win, which Mahomes has already won twice in his career, much to the dismay of the rest of the league.

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