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Roger Federer could not sleep because of his children, was still happy – Czech player



In an interview the Czech player Michał Przysiężny recalled some of his training sessions with Roger Federer in Dubai back in 2011. He said:


“I spent a lot of time with Federer, because we trained for four hours a day, then we had launch, so it was a very good environment.



I trained with him for ten days and it was a great time. I was only playing Challengers, then when I cracked the top 100 I woke up at a hotel in Dubai and Federer suddenly called me.


He asked me if I had slept well, how the breakfast was and if I was ready to train in an hour.


He came to me by car, we went to the court and we spent.m a lot of time together. He was never in a bad mood. He is definitely a happy person. He was still smiling and he was full of positive energy even when his daughters could not make him sleep.”

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