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Roger Federer: ‘Me and my wife Mirka are very different’



Roger Federer does not want to spend too much time watching the mobile phone. The world No. 3 prefers to spend time with his dearest ones. ‘I obviously answer emails or chat with friends by phone’, he said. ‘Since I am old school, I like to phone (laughter).





But otherwise, I like to be among people. The greatest joy for me is when I stay with my family and friends. I do not like to be alone. Mirka is very different than me, she likes to talk. I remember well that she was often telling me that she was going to the city.



Then I asked her who she was going with and she said: “Alone”. I asked: “Alone?” That’s terrible, walking alone. But she said that got relaxed and was totally okay with it. For me, it’s impossible to walk alone.





I always need someone around me. Then I am happy.’ Sometimes Federer writes posts on social networks by himself, and he does it with a clear goal: ‘It’s important to be authentic, yourself. People would immediately look at you if you are on a sponsor trip.

I find beautiful to follow people who interest me. However I am happy to have spent the first ten years of my career without social media, now many athletes feel they need to do it. I do not like it.’

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