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Serena and Venus Williams Shared a Room as Kids — And Serena Wants Her Daughter to Do the Same



Serena and Venus Williams have spent the past two decades building an empire that extends far beyond the world of tennis.



In the past three years, Serena Williams has become a role model for something different than any of her other business ventures: being a mother.



Serena Williams loved sharing a room with her sister
Williams appeared on supermodel Naomi Campbell’s web show No Filter with Naomi to discuss their careers, growing up together,





and much more. Campbell asked them about their experience as the two child prodigies of the Williams family. “Growing up, we were in a really tight bubble.



It was just about our family and about the tennis,” Venus said. She went on to commend their mother and father for being able to handle having seven kids in the house.

“It was really a great experience, and I think when you are one of many you kind of take some things for granted, and then you look back and it’s just an experience that you just can’t relate.

It’s something that you either experience or you don’t,” Serena reminisced. “I’m happy that we had it. We had so many wonderful sisters growing up in the house.”

The two sisters shared a bunk bed in their room as kids, and Campbell was jealous that she didn’t have a big family like the Williams. They also laughed about what it was like sharing the bathroom with so many girls in the house.

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