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Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian: Take a Look at Shocking Joint Net Worth of the Couple



When technology joins sport, it makes up for an amazing combination and that’s one way of describing the union of American tennis icon Serena Williams and Internet entrepreneur, Alexis Ohanian Jr.



With such success on the professional front, let’s take a look at the net worth of this power couple.



Serena Williams’ large list of sponsors and investments makes her one of the top-earning athletes
As of now, the American is sponsored by top companies such as Nike, Wilson Sporting Goods, Bumble, Gucci, Gatorade, Beats Electronics, Ford Motor, etc.,.

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Also, Serena is the brand ambassador of Aston Martin and also got appointed as its chief sporting officer way back in 2015. Along with endorsements and sponsorship deals, Serena also has various investments to her name.

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Through her venture capital firm Serena Ventures, the American has currently invested in close to 66 startups and was also one of the main investors in NFT platform, Bitski. Combining the career prize money and the income through endorsements and sponsors, Serena Williams’ overall earnings shoot up to $480 million dollars.

As a result of his multiple interests and investments, the exact net worth of Alexis Ohanian might be tricky to figure. But, according to several estimates, the internet entrepreneur’s worth could range between $40- $70 million dollars.

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Adding this to Serena’s whopping $480 million dollars earnings, the power couple’s total worth lies somewhere between $520 to 550 millions. From their investments, it’s evident that the duo is passionate about investing in different startups that amalgamate serving people with latest technology.

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