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Serena Williams’ Daughter Olympia Makes Pancakes For Daddy Alexis Ohanian



Serena Williams and her 3-year-old daughter Olympia are one of the cutest mother-daughter pair. Serena often posts about the day-to-day activities of her daughter on social media



and fans quite like and enjoy them. The two stay together most of the time and enjoy the company of each other. In a recent video, one can have a look at a few lovely moments of Serena Williams



with her daughter Olympia. Be it on the court or off the court, Serena continues to teach her daughter new things. Interestingly, it also helps her to enjoy her motherhood





The video begins with Serena wearing a beautiful white dress while posing on the court. However, Olympia was just playing with her bubble gun and enjoying her sort of picnic on the court.



In the next part of the video, Olympia was actually trying to make pancakes with Serena’s assistance. Her dad Alexis was also helping her and as he was tasting the pancakes that her daughter prepared.

Alexis got quite surprised and video, “Oh you are making pancakes. They look delicious.” Olympia added the sauce to Alexis’s pancakes and sarcastically said, “You didn’t like it.”

It was surely a cheerful moment for the father and daughter as they both helped each other in making pancakes.

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