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Toto Wolff Debunks Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes F1 Retirement Rumours



Toto Wolff has finally broken his silence surrounding the happenings of the Abu Dhabi GP. While being calm and collected, the pain and anger were apparent in the team principal’s voice. However, as Wolff reflected on the season finale, he revealed something that was bothering him about Lewis Hamilton.



Losing the race under the circumstances under which he did wasn’t easy for Hamilton. The driver had an incredible race lead; one that he maintained dominantly throughout the race. However, the safety car incident robbed him of a historic eighth title. Wolff stated, “It was a freestyle reading of the rules and it left Lewis like a sitting duck.”





Further, Wolff made a startling statement. “I would very much hope that Lewis continues racing – because he is the greatest driver of all times… I think as a racer his heart will say he needs to continue.”

Having missed out on a glorious moment under such circumstances would have been painful for Hamilton, who has remained silent ever since. However, retirement may seem extreme for the legend. As the words marked on him read: “Still I Rise.” Surely, this is far from the end of the road for Lewis Hamilton.





An update on Lewis Hamilton
Hamilton has been silent for a long time. He sat out the post-race press conference; he remained silent about his knighthood and is now bound to sit out the FIA award ceremony as well.

In an Instagram live, Nicolas Hamilton provided an update on his downtrodden brother. “Is Lewis good? Do you know what guys? I don’t actually know because I haven’t spoken to him.”



He added, “I tried to speak to him but I’m just gonna leave him for a bit. We all know what it’s like when things are a bit difficult. I couldn’t get hold of him today.” Nicolas told the fans that Hamilton is spending time with his parents, who say he is okay. “I think he’s just in a place where he doesn’t want to talk to anyone, including me which is fine.”

As Hamilton gets back on his feet, the winter break will do the titan good. Some time away from racing, and Formula 1 seems lovely. In the meantime, the sport will work towards amending itself so that such situations never arise again.

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