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Travis Kelce Reveals Secret Behind Insane Playoff Stats



Travis Kelce Reveals Secret Behind Insane Playoff Stats

Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce has continued from where he stopped from the regular season into the playoffs. If there’s on thing Kelce loves more than the regular season, it’s the playoffs and he shared the secret behind his amazing playoff stats.



Travis Kelce has the most playoff games with 10+ receptions and 1+ receiving TD, and a tweet by Pat McAfee showed Kelce’s insane stats in the last seven games in the playoffs. McAfee captioned the it “take a bow pal. You’ve done extraordinary things with this oblong ball”.

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In a recent interview with Pat McAfee, Kelce was asked why he comes alive during the playoffs and he answered, “It’s win or go home, you gotta put everything out there, put it all on the line and go out there and play your best football”.

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