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Tyrann Mathieu crashes NFL website



What is Tyrann Mathieu's Outstanding Contract Worth?

New Orleans Saints fans are very excited about the addition of safety Tyrann Mathieu.



Mathieu signed with the Saints on Wednesday, and the organization was quick to announce the deal to an excited fanbase. The team also promoted a link for fans to preorder a Saints jersey with Mathieu’s name on it.



Chiefs thank Tyrann Mathieu as he returns home to New Orleans



The link proved so popular that the NFL Shop link crashed.

Mathieu is an LSU icon, and plenty of LSU fans double as Saints fans. The big homecoming certainly has plenty of appeal to New Orleans fans, and we knew that even before any websites crashed due to interest.





Playing in New Orleans is something Mathieu has been enthusiastic about as well. Still, even he might be a bit surprised by how popular his signing is proving to be.

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