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UFC Star Israel Adesanya Goes Viral Over Death Note Match



Not all anime are made equally, and fans know that well enough. Some are better at pacing while. Others might have better artwork. There are also those with top-tier tension such as Death Note, and fans continue to flock to the series for that reason. Now, fans are needing out after a clip has resurfaced of UFC star Israel Adesanya paying homage to Death Note, and he did so in the ring.


You can check out the full clip below which has been shared thousands of times. The reel is short as it shows Adesanya preparing for a match in Melbourne, Australia. The star is eyeing his opponent before he reached into his back pocket to pull out an imaginary Death Note.



The clip continues with the fighter jotting down a name in the book before closing the imaginary journal with a smile. The implication is not lost on fans as Adesanya pulled the stunt to declare his intentions; There was going to be a clear winner in this fight, and it was going to be him.


Of course, UFC fans will know just how right Adesanya was. The man is the current UFC Middleweight Champion with an undefeated record of 20 wins to zero losses. The fighter specializes in mixed martial arts as well as boxing and kickboxing. Ranked as one of the best in the UFC, Adesanya has a reputation that proceeds him. He is also public about his love of anime. In the past, Adesanya has paid homage to series like Naruto and Dragon Ball while in the ring. And with this Death Note number under his belt, netizens know one thing for sure… Adesanya has got good taste.

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