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Venus Williams: “My Dad Is Tired Of Tennis”



In a 2013 interview with The Post Game, Venus said that her young half-brother is a “pretty cute little guy.” She added, “He’s massive. I’m sure he will be nice and tall.” Lakeisha, who is less than a year older than Venus Williams, and Williams are the parents of Dylan. Their son is now 9 years old.



Dylan Starr Williams just came into the limelight because of his birth in a celebrity family. Dylan is the half-brother of Serena and Venus Williams. They are world-famous American tennis player.





Venus also said that it isn’t likely that her father will coach Dylan if he develops and interest in tennis. “I think my dad is tired of tennis, so if someone teaches him, it will probably be up to Serena and I and the rest of our sisters to, I guess, get him on the court,” Venus said in 2013.





Their 77-year-old father and former tennis coach is “totally incapacitated to conduct any business”, according to his doctor. In 2018, the Daily Mail reported he had suffered two strokes which left him barely able to speak.

He has been living far from the public eye since then.

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