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What Does Venus and Serena Williams’ Father Do For a Living?



Day in and out, Serena Williams never forgets to acknowledge the role of her father in her life. He has been the backbone of her professional career and has also helped her in establishing her business.



What was the occupation of Venus and Serena Williams’ father?



Born on February 14, 1942, Richard was one of the five children of Julia Mae Metcalf and Richard Dove Williams Sr. In his childhood, he used to live on East 79th Street near railroad tracks in Shreveport, Louisiana. After his graduation, Richard moved to Saginaw, Michigan, and then to California.



Here, he took up the job of a tennis instructor and a coach. He used to take tennis lessons from a man known as ‘Old Whiskey’. It was during this time when he first dreamt of shaping his two daughters, Serena and Venus, into successful tennis players after watching Virginia Ruzici- playing tennis on his television screen.





As a tennis coach, Richard started giving tutorials to Serena and Venus when they were just four and a half years old. He even enrolled both of them into a tennis academy but later pulled them out of it in 1995. It was from this time that he started coaching them personally.

Richard Williams will go down as one of the most successful tennis coaches in tennis. He won numerous titles in his career with both his two daughters and even won the Career Golden Slam with World No.41 Serena Williams.

Movie on Richard Williams to hit the box office soon
Keeping in mind all his hard work and efforts, HBO decided to make a film on his life. Interestingly, renowned Hollywood star, Will Smith, is playing his character in the movie and it will get released on November 19, 2021.

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