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What Is Serena Williams’s Middle Name?



Serena Williams is one of the most awarded female athletes of all time, and she is revered by tennis fans everywhere. Many fans know all about her tennis career, but few know much about her personal life.



Both Venus Williams and Serena Williams largely stay out of the spotlight in their personal lives, but they lead fascinating lifestyles that are interesting to dig into.



Let’s take a closer look at who Serena Williams is, the progress of her career, and the fun observation she made about her daughter’s initials on Twitter.





Serena Williams has a lesser-known middle name



Serena Jameka Williams is one of the most successful tennis players of all time, and she is well-known for her athleticism and dominance in the sport. She is also the younger sister to another

tennis star, Venus Williams, and both have changed the sport forever. Serena Williams was born in Michigan, before moving to Compton, California as a young girl.

Outside of tennis, Serena Williams is also known for her unique fashion on and off the court and for her engagement in activism and charity work. Venus and Serena also own a minority share of the Miami Dolphins, making them the first black women to hold any ownership in an NFL franchise.

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