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49ers QB Purdy shares regrets from SB58 loss to Chiefs



49ers QB Purdy shares regrets from SB58 loss to Chiefs

Does Brock Purdy have any regrets about the 49ers’ performance against the Kansas City Chiefs in their Super Bowl LVIII loss on Sunday at Allegiant Stadium?



Purdy, who spoke in front of a gaggle of reporters on Tuesday at the 49ers’ facilities, believes — in hindsight — that much of Sunday’s action could have played out differently for San Francisco.

So, yes, the 49ers quarterback does have regrets of his own.



“There’s things that happened throughout the game like [in] the second half I just wish we would have been on,” Purdy told reporters. “With the opportunities that we had with their turnovers or our defense getting stops.”



“I just keep thinking about those three and outs that we had. And on [the] opportunity we had to take control of the game.

Despite outperforming the Chiefs in time of possession 38:31 to 36:26, San Francisco failed to make it count, with a 25 percent third-down efficiency while giving up costly fumbles.



And while the 49ers’ defense kept sending the offensive unit back on the field, it ultimately was the lack of execution and missed opportunities from Purdy’s offense that cost the franchise the opportunity to hoist a sixth Vince Lombardi Trophy.

“And so, there’s a couple of plays where, I think, I would have hit BA on some of the reads,” Purdy added. “But outside of that, it’s just a culmination of the whole game.



“You could have done a million things, right? At the end of the day, it’s [a] team sport. As a team, we all could’ve done a little bit better in some areas and stuff, but we win and lose together.”

With 49ers training camp months away, Purdy now can take his regrets and turn them into motivation as San Francisco commences another long offseason.

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