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Jordan Love Shows Support for WR amid fan debate



Jordan Love Shows Support for WR amid fan debate

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Christian Watson has taken some heat this week over his play in 2023. The second-year receiver hasn’t been able to build on his success from last year.



And has been at the center of a lot of interceptions. As fan outcry increased, quarterback Jordan Love defended his teammate. Love’s message to Watson is to keep his confidence up.



Jordan Love Shows Support for WR amid fan debate



Love knows what he can do and so far they haven’t been able to make the connection but it will come. “My message to Christian is just keep your confidence, don’t let any of that stuff ever [make] your confidence waver or anything like that.”

“I got complete trust in Christian. I know he knows this, but I trust all my receivers. The ball’s going to come out regardless. Just keep that confidence.”



“When you’re losing, a lot of people would point fingers and things like that. It happens. It comes with the territory. He’s a professional.”



Jordan Love Shows Support for WR amid fan debate



“He knows that. That’s everybody in the locker room. I told him to keep that confidence up, keep making plays, and move on to the next one.” The losses highlight the struggles. If the team was winning, it would be a concern but not this big of a deal. Love also admitted he could do better.

Love admitted that he needs to do a better job as well. “A lot of it isn’t his fault. I could be better for him and things like that. Just keep that confidence high. I trust these guys that will go up from here.”

He knows that his accuracy isn’t where he wants it to be. On a couple of the interceptions, while Watson could have fought for the ball more, Love clearly missed the throw.

Jordan Love Shows Support for WR amid fan debate

As a fan, you have to love (no pun intended) seeing this out of your quarterback. He is taking on a leadership role and recognizing that he needs to do better at putting his teammates in a position to succeed. The Packers have a tough schedule coming up.

However, two of the games, the Chargers and the Lions, are against defenses that have given up a lot of points lately. These games might be an opportunity for these two to get back on track.

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