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Super Bowl champion has strong praise for the Dolphins



Super Bowl champion has strong praise for the Dolphins

Everyone that watches the Miami Dolphins for even a quarter will immediately come away talking about their high-powered offense, but offense isn’t everything in the modern NFL.



Super Bowl champion has strong praise for the Dolphins



Offense may be king, but having a good defense is a huge help for teams that score at will and give their opponents numerous chances with the ball in their hands, and the good news for the Dolphins is that their defense has an extremely high ceiling.

A two-time Super Bowl champion sees Miami as one of the most dangerous teams in the league based on the fact that he sees their defense as having a chance at being even better in the second half of the season.



Hopefully that is how it actually plays out. Michael Lombardi, a Super Bowl champion with the 49ers and the Patriots, sees a lot to love with the Dolphins and their potential in the second half of the season.





The good news for the Dolphins and their fanbase is that Lombardi knows his football. He is usually more right than not. Lombardi has held just about every important role in connection to analyzing NFL players, teams, and personnel.

His time in various positions across the sport has given him every opportunity to see it all to help with predictions, and this prediction doesn’t even require a Super Bowl ring to make it.



Super Bowl champion has strong praise for the Dolphins

The Dolphins are a damn good team that are near-unstoppable when they put it all together. We have seen it already this year, and the jaw-dropping plays that we saw in the first half of the season are only an amuse-bouche for the upcoming run. This is even more the case with the defense.

Miami’s defense has it all; stars, role-players, and one of the best defensive coaches in the league. It took a bit for it to start coming together, but this unit really started to find its stride heading into the bye.

After the Bills game, which was tough, Miami gave up an average of just 21.2 points per game. When you pair that with the dominant Dolphins offense, you have a recipe for success against almost every team in the league.

Super Bowl champion has strong praise for the Dolphins

Vic Fangio is going to find more ways to get pressure on the quarterback, more ways to put stars like Jalen Ramsey in position to take over games on their own, and more ways to support an offense that doesn’t even need the help sometimes. We’ve seen the spark already.

If guys like Michael Lombardi are seeing smoke on the horizon, a wildfire is sure to be on its way.

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