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Joe Burrow Underwent Successful Surgery



Bengals Pro Bowl quarterback Joe Burrow’s path back began Monday with successful wrist surgery. Head coach Zac Taylor expects him to arrive at Paycor Stadium later this week as the team prepares for the game in Jacksonville next week.

According to the Bengals, the procedure “went as planned,” and Burrow is “expected to make a full recovery”. “I’ve been through stuff like this before. It’s nothing new,” said Burrow last week. “It’s football. Stuff like this happens. You just have to learn to live with it”.

“I’ve talked a lot about leaning on your support system. I’ve got a great support system. Great friends, great family (to) help me get through it. Great teammates. I’ll be around here. Not ideal, but I’ve got what it takes and the people around me got what it takes to get it done.”

Burrow donned an earpiece that allowed him to hear the play calls during Sunday’s game against the Steelers on the Paycor sidelines. Along with starting quarterback Jake Browning, offensive coordinator Brian Callahan said he was looking at the tablets on the bench.

“He wants to be available,” Callahan said Monday. “He’s been great all week in the meeting room. Just being there for conversation points and what he sees and how he sees it is always helpful to have.”

The team looks forward to having Burrow back for the 2024 season.

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