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Ravens Urged to Sign EX-Rushing Champion to Replace Injured J.K. Dobbins



Ravens Urged to Sign EX-Rushing Champion to Replace Injured J.K. Dobbins

J.K. Dobbins tearing his Achilles against the Houston Texans in Week 1 has left the Baltimore Ravens with reduced numbers in the running game.



While head coach John Harbaugh is happy with his team’s current options in the backfield, he could still sign a former NFL rushing champion in free agency.



Ravens Urged to Sign EX-Rushing Champion to Replace Injured J.K. Dobbins



That’s just what Bleacher Report’s Alex Ballentine thinks the Ravens should do after Dobbins’ season-ending injury left “a big hole in the depth chart.” Ballentine believes ex-Kansas City Chiefs and Cleveland Browns star Karrem Hunt would assume “a significant role in an intriguing offense.”

While the Ravens still won without Dobbins on the field for the opening Sunday of the new season, Ballentine wasn’t impressed by what his replacements produced.



“Justice Hill responded with two touchdowns on the ground, but he had only nine yards on eight carries. Gus Edwards was the most efficient back with 32 yards on eight carries. It might be time to give Kareem Hunt a call.”





The Ravens have options besides Hill and Edwards, but Hunt may be more of an upgrade based on how his versatile skill-set would suit a more expansive offense called by coordinator Todd Monken. Hunt topped the league’s rushing charts as a rookie for the Chiefs back in 2017.

Specifically, Hunt has remained a flexible and competent receiver, tallying 211 catches for 1,806 yards during his career. And while he’s never replicated that form on the ground, the veteran has maintained value in other areas.

The veteran can showcase his chops as a pass-catcher from multiple spots, like being splitting out at WR. That’s where Hunt was during this practice session for the Browns from 2022, highlighted by clevelanddotcom.

Monken could use those skills after regularly making running backs weapons in the passing game during his stint at Georgia. Kenny McIntosh made 43 receptions during Monken’s final season calling plays for the Bulldogs in 2022. McIntosh also rushed for 10 touchdowns, red-zone efficiency Hunt could match in a Ravens uniform.

Hunt’s scored 48 touchdowns since entering the pros and was often the Browns’ go-to option at the goal-line, despite the presence of All-Pro Nick Chubb.

Hunt showed his talent as a closer on this short-yardage plunge to score against the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 5, highlighted by Pro Football Culture.

Bringing in Hunt could be a cost-effective move, according to CBS Sports’ Bryan DeArdo: “Given the current climate regarding running back salaries, it’s safe to say that Hunt will not come close to receiving his market value.” The Ravens are used to finding a bargain on the veteran running back market, with Flock Fantasy’s Mason Dodd naming Hunt and Leonard Fournette as potentially next in line.

There are a lot of reasons for the Ravens to explore a deal for Hunt. Yet, it would also make sense for Harbaugh to stick with what he has at the position.

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