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Patrick Mahomes Hits Back at Flopping Accusations



Patrick Mahomes Hits Back at Flopping Accusations

In the final minutes of the game against the Bengals, Mahomes was knocked out of bounds by Joseph Ossai, and the penalty allowed the Chiefs to score a game-winning field goal. Some people believe he feigned being lighted up from behind, and he’s finally put the record straight.





Patrick Mahomes in an interview had a lot to say about the accusations from some sections of fans claiming he might have exaggerated his fall. “The most pain I had was stopping. So once he pushed me, it would have been hard to put my foot in the ground and try to stop”.



“So I rolled through it. You get over there with the heaters and the benches and people, that’s where a lot of times, people get hurt. I think that’s the reason why there’s a flag for getting pushed out of bounds like that late. I mean, I was pretty far out of bounds”.



“It was probably the furthest I’ve been out of bounds before I’ve been hit. So I rolled through it”. After Sunday’s last-second win, Patrick Mahomes has now guided 3 lead-changing (tied or took lead) drives in his playoff career that began with 1:00 or less on the clock.



He’s the only player in NFL history with more than 1.

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