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Travis, Jason Kelce’s Mom Coin Toss Petition Hits 100,000



Travis, Jason Kelce's Mom Coin Toss Petition Hits 100,000

The matchup of Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce in this game has emerged as one of the most intriguing headlines for Super Bowl 57. Travis is a talented tight end for the Chiefs, while Jason has developed into one of the league’s top offensive lineman with the Eagles.



This has put their mother, Donna Kelce, in a difficult position. Donna brilliantly reacted with “offense” when asked which team she would be pulling for, but either way, someone in the Kelce family will be adding to their ring collection.



With the brothers rivalry taking center stage, many fans feel their mother should perform the opening coin toss, and there is even a petition with 100,000 signatures to make this happen.





The Travis Kelce/Jason Kelce rivalry has dominated the buildup to this game, and having their mother perform the opening coin flip would be fantastic. Donna has been an incredible supporter of both of her sons’ NFL careers, even taking a crazy journey last year during the playoffs to witness Jason and Travis play in a playoff game despite the fact that they were in entirely separate cities.



You can add to the numerous fans worldwide that would love to make this super bowl a memorable one for the entire Kelce family. Visit . Donna is the first mother in NFL history to have two sons go head-to-head in the Super Bowl

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