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Queen Bashes NFL Drug Testing Policies



Queen Bashes NFL Drug Testing Policies

The question of the legitimacy and legality of performance-enhancing drugs in the NFL has gone on for decades.



The league has gone to lengths in an attempt to keep the playing field level across the league (pun intended) and keep illegal PEDs out of locker rooms.



Queen Bashes NFL Drug Testing Policies



Yet, at least in this situation, the NFL seems to have tripped over itself in an embarrassing fashion. Baltimore Ravens fourth-year linebacker Patrick Queen – who is currently playing with no contract for 2024 – had an outstanding performance on Sunday in the team’s 25-9 win over the Houston Texans.

Queen registered 11 tackles, one for loss, a sack and a pass breakup in the opening game of the season. I guess a standout performance like that dictates a drug test nowadays because that’s exactly what happened to Queen.



But that’s not the embarrassing part of the story for the league. To make matters even more questionable, it was the second test in three days for Queen. And Queen was not amused.





“Bro I literally just got drug tested 3 days ago again already??? @NFL,” Queen blasted on social media, even calling out the league on its official X handle. Queen is in his fourth season after being drafted out of LSU in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

The 24-year-old has missed no games since coming into the league, and has gotten better each season he’s taken the field.

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