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Tyreek Hill Makes Bold Claim About Chiefs-Jets Controversy



Tyreek Hill Makes Bold Claim About Chiefs-Jets Controversy

It’s been almost a week since the Kansas City Chiefs and New York Jets starred in a shockingly close battle at MetLife Stadium.



However, people continue to talk about the questionable defensive holding call late in the game that helped the Chiefs close the deal.



Tyreek Hill Makes Bold Claim About Chiefs-Jets Controversy



CB Sauce Gardner was called for holding, and even Chiefs fans had no choice but to admit that it was a weak call. That’s why a former Chiefs star didn’t waste the opportunity to mess with his former team and teammates.

In the latest edition of his podcast, star WR Tyreek Hill poked fun at the Chiefs by stating that they got saved by the refs again just like last year.



Adding that perhaps it had to do with the fact that Taylor Swift was in attendance and that maybe Travis Kelce was helping the NFL out with that.





Needless to say, all the media frenzy revolving around Swift and Kelce has been great for the NFL, up to the point where they even claimed that they wouldn’t tone down their coverage of the pop star going forward. Also, it’s not a secret that winning and popular teams often get a favorable whistle in professional sports.

It was like that for years with Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, and it seems like that’s being the case with Andy Reid’s team as well.

We don’t condone it, and we believe the game should be officiated fairly regardless of who’s playing, but it is what it is.

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