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Lamar Jackson Reveals He’s Upset With 1 Aspect Of His Game



Lamar Jackson Reveals He’s Upset With 1 Aspect Of His Game

The Baltimore Ravens are on a roll. They hold a record of 7-3 and are the number-one team in the AFC North. Lamar Jackson is playing at an MVP-caliber level at the moment, which bodes well for their chances moving forward.



However, despite his dominant play, Jackson has identified a key area of improvement for the remainder of the season.





In a statement released by the team’s website via Around the NFL, Jackson discussed how the deep ball hasn’t been kind to him lately. He recalled a key moment from the Ravens’ loss to the Cleveland Browns, where he missed Zay Flowers on a sure touchdown pass.

Jackson believes that, if he had hit this pass, the game would have been put out of reach. Instead, the Ravens were forced to attempt a field goal, and due to a series of unfortunate circumstances, the kick was blocked.



These are the types of plays that can eat at a quarterback, especially now that players can watch film immediately after plays happen.



Lamar Jackson Reveals He’s Upset With 1 Aspect Of His Game



Heading into the Ravens’ Thursday Night Matchup with the Cincinnati Bengals, Jackson seems ready to mitigate any more of these mistakes. He will try to look downfield often in this contest, something he might be forced to do if the Bengals take an early lead.

Joe Burrow is known for the deep ball, especially with Ja’Marr Chase to throw to. Jackson has plenty of options on offense, but he’ll need to make sure to connect on his passes to come away with a victory.

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