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Rams OC Reveals How Bengals Stopped Rams Rushing Attack



Rams OC Reveals How Bengals Stopped Rams Rushing Attack

The Los Angeles Rams (1-2) fell to the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday by a score of three points, in a game where they had ample chances to make a move.



Something that many fans and media members alike noticed during the loss to the Bengals was that the Rams eventually stopped relying on their run game.



Rams OC Reveals How Bengals Stopped Rams Rushing Attack



Something that wasn’t by their design, but by the dictation of the Bengals’ defense. Rams offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur addressed the lack of run usage when speaking to the media recently, explaining that the Bengals were giving looks that simply prevented the Rams from running the ball.

“What we’re always going to want to do is still to help our pass protection out, continue to get a run game going, not abandon the run in the fourth quarter and that’s something you always want to do,” LaFleur said.



“The thing about what Lou does in Cincinnati is they don’t allow you at times. He continued explaining that while they value staying balanced on offense, they also know they can’t force a square peg into a round hole.



Rams OC Reveals How Bengals Stopped Rams Rushing Attack



“You want to stay balanced, but if they’re telling you you’re not running the ball here, you’re not running the ball here based on the pump block-type pressures that they’re bringing in those situations. So there were a lot of runs called that unfortunately had to get checked out of it into some passes.

And some of the results were good and some of them weren’t as good. So again, you always want to stay balanced, but you’re also not going to just go beat your head against the wall if they’re saying you’re not going to do it.”

As a team, the Rams rushed just 13 times, with starting running back Kyren Williams getting just 10 carries for 38 yards on the day, while averaging 3.8 yards per carry.

Rams OC Reveals How Bengals Stopped Rams Rushing Attack

If it weren’t for a big 22-yard run from Tutu Atwell, the team’s average of 5.5 yards per carry would have been even worse. The Rams rank as one of the least effective running teams in the league averaging just 3.4 yards per carry, which ranks higher than just four teams.

They have however bought in on WIlliams, as they recently traded away Cam Akers to the Vikings. A solution for how they run the ball with a loaded box needs some creative answers, but until they have them they will be living and dying by the pass in the coming weeks.

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