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Zac Taylor sends reassuring message to Bengals fans



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The 2023 season isn’t off to the start that the Cincinnati Bengals imagined, but it’s a start they should be comfortable with. For the third straight season, the Bengals are 1-2 after their first three games.



Cincinnati is of course hoping that the 2023 regular season ends the same way the previous two regular seasons ended — with the Bengals sitting atop the AFC North standings.



Zac Taylor sends reassuring message to Bengals fans



That won’t be easy this season with AFC North looking as tough as ever (the Cleveland Browns’ defense is no joke). While the task is daunting, Taylor and the Bengals are confident that they’ll find their groove this season — there’s no panic inside the building. And that’s the message that Taylor sent to fans on Wednesday.

“We all know it’s a long season,” said Taylor. “When you’re in control of the things you can control as a team, that’s why I think we had the confidence that we’ve had through two weeks.



All of the fear and panic is always coming from the outside. It’s always in these rooms (media) and when you interact with people outside the building. That’s where that comes in.”





“It’s nice that this (media sessions) is always limited,” continued Taylor. “Then you just get the chance to be around the people that have the confidence. That’s always what we’ve embraced and enjoyed.” “We stubbed our toe on the start, [but] we expect to pick things up and find our groove,” added Taylor.

From outside of the building, it feels like alarms are sounding in Cincinnati despite their win against the Los Angeles Rams on Monday night.

So it has to be reassuring to Bengals fans to know that the vibes on the inside of the building aren’t the same as what fans are seeing on the outside of the building.

Zac Taylor sends reassuring message to Bengals fans

The Bengals have been here before the last two years, which means they’re as well-equipped as any team in the NFL to handle a slow start. They know they can get hot fast and start reeling off wins because it’s what they’ve done during Joe Burrow’s only two full seasons in the NFL.

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